St. Anne's School
Digital Classrooms

2022 Summer Work and Fall Class Supplies Lists

Learning Off Campus

Learning continues at home and online even when students are not on campus! Please access class information at the classroom and teacher sites in this page's menu.

Students may access materials and assignments using the methods below when learning online. Check with your student's teachers about which of these tools are used most in their classroom.

  • Young Learners - Clever Portal: easy access to online learning tools and platforms. Need help? Click here to read the guide on how to login to St. Anne's Clever Portal.

  • All Learners - Class website: use the links on this page's menu to access the website for your student's class. Class websites contain class information, assignment calendars, teacher contact information, links to online resources and more.

  • Older Learners and Parents - Google Classroom: many teachers post assignments and helpful information to Google Classroom.

Login information for online learning platforms have been sent home to all families. If you do not have a copy of your student login badge, please contact your home room teacher. Click here for the staff and faculty directory.

Online Etiquette

Please review the following guidelines for best use of computers and the Internet for online learning.
Briefly, the guidelines are:

  • Would Mom, Dad, and my teacher approve of this? If the answer to either is “no”, DON’T DO IT! Talk to your parent, or an adult in charge about it first.

  • If something makes you feel uncomfortable, is hurtful, or you think your mom, dad, or adult in charge would not approve, talk to them about it as soon as possible.

  • Always share your usernames and passwords with Mom and Dad. Never share them with others.

  • Never access sites or services that have not been approved by a parent and/or instructor. Never access or share materials that are inappropriate.

  • Communicate with kindness and respect. Remember: The other person may not be able to see your expression or hear your tone of voice. NEVER EVER abuse, bully, or intentionally hurt someone.

  • Use "please” and “thank you". Don't SHOUT in all caps.

  • Try your best to be clear, understandable, and on topic.

  • If you are upset, take a time out before responding.